Monday, May 3, 2010


Since (essentially) flunking out of Butler in 2006 I have continuously struggled with what to do. To return and take classes without scholarship would be absurd due to tuition rates. Transferring out solves the cost, but stretches the time to 2 years as a full-time student.

I have heard from many on the subject. Most of them have urged me (scolded me?) to finish my degree. A few have pushed for the exact opposite.

A small non-acredited school in southern Indiana would give me the opportunity to be trained as a pastor without the prerequisite of a bachelor's degree. I have struggled with the idea. Can I live with the knowledge that I never completed my college degree?

I think I've finally been persuaded that I could. Tomorrow I'm officially applying to the pasotor's college in Bloomington. What pushed me over the edge, you ask?

A biography on Charles Spurgeon.

Spurgeon was only 19 when he became the pastor of New Park Street Church and he quickly told the deacons that he was uneducated. Here is their response.

"But [the deacons] had heard so many college graduates and had been wearied with their preaching that they replied 'That is to us a special recommendation, for you would not have much savour or unction if you came from college' "

It is my belief that the congregation that God calls me to will have much the same thought.

(Now pray that I would get in to the school in Bloomington and not further delay my service to God.)