Saturday, September 25, 2010


Without a doubt, selfishness abounds in the world of trucking. It is ever present. It has been in every single conversation I have had this past week.

The thoughts go something like this:

"Well, dispatch is screwing us over again. We've been sitting here for hours with nothing."

"Did you see that car/truck/van? How dare they cut me off."

"I'm only getting 2500 miles a week, so I put in my two weeks."

All of these and more give evidence to the most important person: self. If you listen carefully you hear folks saying that the road and the job and everything around them is meant to make their life easier. And the temptation to join the conversation is becoming greater.

In recognizing this overwhelming sin this week I have given myself to memorizing Phillipians 2 in hopes that the Spirit will bring it sharply to my mind so that I will be evidently different from the world around me. In doing so, I pray that some would see that and wonder at the calm and patient demeanor and that a door for the Gospel will be sprung.

It's probably the same with you. I'm sure wherever you are in life that certain sins are prevalent around you. Identify them and be aware that they will be some of your greatest temptations and snares. Pray for God to protect you especially from them and shine light into darkness with the hopes of leading some to Christ.

In Christ who sustains,


Sunday, September 19, 2010

and so it begins

Yesterday, through the words of the Spirit in Luke 18 where Jesus tells of the Pharisee, I was crushed. Let me tell you about it.

Saturday night I met my trainer (I've started driving semi truck through an odd series of events that may be detailed later) and we took off on our first run on Sunday. I was quickly made aware that this man was not spiritually inclined in any way. He tends to exaggerate and doesn't like to talk about anything deeper than the Food Network.

Almost instantly I felt disdain for him. He lied, smoked, cussed and was generally crabby. I wanted to call up my company and request a new trainer. I thought, "how can anyone stand to hang out with this guy?"

Then I read Luke 18 and God put my pride in check. What do I have on this guy that Jesus would save me? That I don't smoke? That I don't make up colleges and degrees? That my language is fairly clean? That I'm generally in a good mood? Who am I kidding with that list?

Well, I succeeded in kidding myself for several days until God decided he'd seen enough of that nastiness. I heard him ask these questions and I felt the weight of the answer.

The answer that I'm a wicked man. That I don't deserve grace. And that I needed to see this man not as a pitiful human being, but as a sinner in need of a Savior.

That was a whallup that I desperately needed. If I'm going to be out here for a year I can't look at myself as better than anyone else, that's not going to adorn the Gospel at all. I need to bring the good news of Jesus to the dying men and women around me in humility.

So, where have you seen this attitude creep in to your life? With that co-worker? That parent? That kid? That grown-up?

I assure you friends, no list will ever elevate you to a place where God will accept your righteousness. Repent of that attitude and begin praying for that person and telling them of the God who came to save sinners.

And pray for me.