Thursday, October 30, 2008


I like going through my books on occasion. This happens to be one of those occasions (one of necessity not of mere jollity.)

You see, I have some exciting news. On Tuesday I won a free, yes that's right, FREE bed from Sealy. Not just some lame promotion bed either...any bed that I want from their entire line. (In case you don't know, my mother's furniture store where I work sells Sealy. I went to a Sealy event on Tuesday with my dad.)

So, because of the new bed, an upgrade from a twin size to a queen size, I have to do a bit of re-arranging in my room. I decided to bite the bullet and transfer the rest of my books from the house to the office.

Long story short: I had no idea that I had collected so much fiction over the years.

You might not think it much, but I think that 20 fiction books is a lot...considering how often I read one. I've just started reading The Sun Also Rises which I inherited from one of my parents recently. (They don't know to whom it belonged.)


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