Friday, May 1, 2009

a bunch of stuff

Here are some of the things that really caught my eye this week in blogland:

Here are some chances at free stuff from the Resurgence and Challies. (By the way...I won last week from Challies! Thanks, Tim, for the books that will hopefully be arriving soon.)

A trio of links from Z:

All three of his posts on Spiritual Alzheimer's. (Think Piper's book Future Grace in super, super condensed form.

And, a quoted post on the emergency of giving.

A little something that made me laugh even though it is kind of sad: 100 million in budget cuts.

Obduracy has become a new favorite word thanks to the Pyros.

Excellent prayer from Melinda at STR.

A little bit of encouragement from the 9 Marks blog.


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