Monday, June 28, 2010

a Bible study

Yes, I know I have been absent. I'll blame it on the play that I was in (and that ended with a final performance today.) And now, I've been up way past my bedtime thinking and praying about what to do with all this new free time.

I've decided to begin a weekly Bible study at my apartment on Monday nights from 6-7:30 (but you are more than welcome to come early and stay late.) I'd love for any in town to come and join me.

Since resigning in December I have become increasingly restless without a regular teaching opportunity. I'm sure my family and friends will agree that my attitude has not been too joyous lately. My lackluster emotion has been from a sense of uselessness for the Lord. Hopefully, this will restore some of my joy in serving until I am able to find someplace to serve God more fully.

Speaking of finding a place, I covet your prayers for two interviews that will be happening in coming weeks. One is for a pastor's college and the other for a ministry position.

I hope to see some of you soon. The first meeting will be July 5th. If you need directions please call or email me.


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