Wednesday, June 11, 2008

simplifying life

I unsubscribed from about 120 blogs today in a small effort to simplify my life.

I've done this in other areas as well. I've stepped back from reading several books at a time to just 2 (ok, 3...but the third one is fiction.)

I've also started going to bed at a reasonable hour in the hope that I'll start getting up earlier. (It has worked a little bit. I'm getting up about a 1/2 hour earlier now.)

The more I simplify the more I'm reminded of how simple life really is.

Get up-trust in God.

Work-trust in God.

Hang out-trust in God.

Go to bed-trust in God.

Plus, with having 120 less subscribtions to read, I can blog more regularly.


1 comment:

rachel said...

as long as you're still reading mine. it's the only really important one. j/k!

(ps, you really don't have to let this comment post)