Monday, October 8, 2007

don't waste it...

I finally have a computer that has Windows XP which allows me to have the sweet application...iTunes.

I'm a Mac lover, so this is huge. (if any rich folk out there wanna buy me a computer, make it a MacBook Pro)

One of the first things I did when I got iTunes was sign up for a bunch of video and audio podcasts. They are great. I get to hear Piper answer questions, MacArthur answer questions. I get to hear stuff from the Resurgence. I love them.

There is one, though, that is most powerful. The "Don't Waste Your Life" videos. If you are a Christian and you have itunes (or some other video podcast downloader) then sign up for them here: DWYL vodcast

"There are three types of Christians. There are the goers. The senders. And the disobedient."...ugh. that hit me hard.

Let us go and let us send that the world might know and be saved.


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Nigel said...

I'd recommend Ravi Zacarias' podcast as well. I enjoy it as a devotional and he is surely one of the best Christian apologists because, after he speaks, I don't hate Christian apologists anymore! And yes, he is of a Reformed background so I think you'll be comfortable with the content.