Friday, October 26, 2007

reformation day

So, because October 31 falls on a Wednesday and my church has many meetings on Wednesdays, we thought it prudent to watch the movie Luther instead of our regular meetings. I could get into all the details of reasons, but that would probably bore you. Instead, I offer this...

Ligonier Ministries is offering the Reformation Study Bible for $15.17 (get it? the year of the 95 theses) on October 31 (the day they were nailed up). But only for that day, and it is a significant sale.

I happen to own a copy...and despite the Presbyterian overtones, it is quite good and Sproul does a nice job in his notes. So, go buy it...but only on the 31st.

[HT]:Shepherds Scrapbook

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Nigel said...

Hey! Be nice to us Presby's. . . Or else we'll buy your church with all of our money. Once a committee approves it.