Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I've often spent time in prayer and conversation about my convictions on giving. It is a sensitive topic, but it should be discussed.

Personally, my views have changed fairly drastically since my early Christian days. These past couple of years I've tried to figure out when and where to give and when to withhold.

I've become increasingly convinced that giving to those who are outside the body of Christ (those who do not consider themselves Christians, not just those outside our immediate church) should not cease for any reason other than a loss of means to give. Basically, that we should give until we can't to those who are without Christ. The reason is simple: Christ gave to us while we were still sinners and saved us...and hopefully that will be true of us on earth, that through our continual giving, Christ might show himself and save them. (To note, I think it is necessary and good that we share the actual words of Christ, the Gospel, with those whom we give to, as well.)

To those within the church, it gets stickier. For those who call Christ Lord, it seems we should not give to excess if we are enabling sin. That could be the sin of laziness or the sin of irresponsibility or some addiction. There should be rebuke in those instances. However, if the family of the person is in need (if there are kids or a spouse) then you must give despite their sin, because others are dependent on the giving.

I think the latest essay in Themelios sums it up nicely. It's long, but worth the read.


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