Tuesday, January 6, 2009

tuesday martyr: john hooper

In the wake of Zwingli, John Hooper came up and began making himself "obnoxious" in the eyes of the Queen and others.

He did, however, find some favor in the King who wished him to become bishop of Gloucester. The presiding bishop disagree and, at one point, imprisoned him for over a year for not wearing the proper clothing to be consecrated. Hooper finally decided to give over to the demands and wore what he claimed were "useless garments."

After the death of King Edward, things took a quick downturn because Queen Mary despised the reformed church and quickly had Hooper (and others) imprisoned. Hooper was held from 1553 to 1555, at which point he was burned at the stake.

During his time in prison he wrote 24 books and numerous short articles and treatises. At the time of his death he continued to pray and preach as he was being burned. The flames blew sideways much of the time, so he lived for nearly an hour amidst the flames and not once called out in pain, but continually shouted praises until his tongue became too swollen to talk.

It is these men that have continued to build on the foundation of the prophets and apostles...hopefully we'll continue to add to the gold and jewels of the building in our lifetime.


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