Monday, January 19, 2009

the right to life

I couldn't not say something about the right to life and our future President today. But, since I am often a little too haughty in speech, I'll let others do my talking.

First, my friend, Talia, is going to the Right to Life march in DC this week. Hopefully the voice for the voiceless will be heard and our nation will begin repenting for our horrible acts against unborn children.

Second, the pastor of Immanuel Baptist has written an open letter to President-elect Obama that you should take a look at.

And finally, if you can stomach it, go here and watch a video on the hideous nature of abortion in America.

May God grant us the strength to repent of this crime, no matter the time it takes. It has taken more than 200 years for us to realize that, indeed, all men are created equal before God by electing a black man as President; hopefully we'll get this one straightened out sooner than that.

During the time it took me to write this another baby's life was taken in the name of "women's rights" and denied its right to life.



A Jam C said...

dude, that video almost made me cry. How can people say that it isn't murder?

-joe said...

i have no idea. it truly is a sickening turn of the culture. amos has a little something to say about these types of things (amos 1:13)