Tuesday, December 29, 2009

the breadth of the Gospel

For a long time I thought of the Gospel as somethng that was just big enough for me. It was something I had to suck in my gut and lurch throught the door because I was just barely going to make it.

I thought this for multiple reasons, but mainly there were (are?) two that propelled that thought. I saw my sin as immense, which it is. This I think is good. One should know the depth of the wickedness that resides within.

The second big reason was that my faith was (is?) small. I barely believe and it is evidenced by my lack of fruit and obedience.

These two reasons kept me from experiencing the fulness of the joy of God in Christ. Something has been changing within me over these years in the faith. It is my view of the immensity of the glory of God found in the grace of Christ.

You see, those two things are important...but if you focus on them more than the Gospel you will fail to experience the fulness of joy that is yours in Christ.

How can you avoid this? Give your attention and all your ambition to knowing, to the greatest extent possible, the riches and wisdom that are found in Jesus Christ. Meditate on his character, his life, his death, his lordship, his humanity. The more you know the greater he will become to you and the more you'll realize that the Gospel isn't just barely big enought for you, that you don't have to squeeze in the door.

The Gospel is the biggest meadow, the widest field, the tallest mountain, the deepest sea...the very depth of the universe. You don't need to squeeze, you can run, arms flailing, voice screaming into God's grace.


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