Thursday, December 31, 2009

top posts of 2009

Well, here is another year gone by. Traffic has been way up on here this past year and I thought I'd tell you what the top posts looked at were for the year.

First on the list is "sometimes i just want to go away". I thought that after 2008 this post would go back down in pageviews, (it was the last post before I flipped and went to Montana in April of '08) but it has been the top post all year long. It gets hits almost every day from people searching for the terms "i just want to go away"...hopefully it has been used by God to encourage these folks.

Next up is a post on Joseph Hart, a hymn-writer. This is from the first few months of the blog...but people are really interested in this guy.

Numero tres is from my Tuesday Martyr series (which I'm planning to revive in 2010.) The Thundering Legion commands respect for many folks.

Sitting heftily at number four is a very short post on how I look like Charles Spurgeon.

Again in my Tuesday Martyr series, John Huss is at number 5.

My post on the "prosperity Gospel" just last month is already number 6 in clicks.

In what was easily my most creative post of the season, sitting high and mighty at number 7, the story of the bat entitled "odd doings at the fbc"

No year would be complete without the unbelievably awesome rbf, holding it down at number 8.

Number 9 has to be the oddest post to make's a friday compilation titled "rubberbands are good for flipping.

Number post on whether or not there are two unforgivable sins. I edited it just now to make my own opinion more explicit and clear up some confusion that has resulted from it.


A Jam C said...

how do you find out how many clicks a certain post has gotten?

-joe said...

i use google just need to post a bit of script on your blog and then it begins tracking different types of info on who is visiting your site.