Thursday, June 11, 2009

odd doings at fbc

Tonight, while I was sitting at the church studying (read: googling and watching dueling banjos on youtube) I heard a little squeak.

I got up and walked down the hallway, thinking that a friend was trying to sneak in and scare me (which happens on a fairly regular basis.) Seeing and hearing nothing, I went back to work.

So I'm sitting, as God ordained, reading and thinking and out of nowhere this HUGE! and I mean MONSTROUS! bat COMES FLYING AT ME AND HITS ME IN THE HEAD!!!

IN THE HEAD!! Not near my head, not next to my head, not around my head. INTO my head.

So, of course, I freak out a bit. The bat is bigger than most dogs and probably has 400 different kinds of rabies and bat flu. So, I do what any logical person would do. I run into the sanctuary and the bat follows me in.

After doing some sweet acrobatic maneuvers (that I learned from my gymnastics classes) I tumbled back into the office and slammed the door behind me, hoping that the bat had latched onto one of the giant rafters in the sanctuary.

Except, I forgot that I'd left the piano open and the light on. Not good. So, I took my Russian hat and flipped the piano shut and the light off.

Problem solved, until tomorrow...when the secretary gets here and a bat hits her in the head.

And, because I don't think you get how big this bat was...I'll draw you a picture:


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KiraDanielle said...

Sounds pretty scary. Glad you survived the 400 lb disease infested bat!