Sunday, June 28, 2009

church today

It was a busy day. I preached today on Luke 8:40-56 and we had a youth fundraising lunch.

Thankfully I left the planning of that up to several ladies in our church and it went flawlessly. I called on Saturday night to check on things and they had it all set up and ready to go for today. Fantastic. I'm so glad the body of Christ has room for idiots like me who can't plan a dinner at home, let alone a dinner for a church.

And, I'll end the day with the Senior High tonight...going through the rest of Colossians 1. Good stuff.

Here's a link to the sermon and a quick outline if you're interested:

Jesus miracles teach us things about Him and what He came to do. The two miracles in Luke 8 show us that:

1. You must be cleansed of your sin
2. You must be raised from the dead
3. These two are intertwined and cannot be seperated

For those who don't know Christ as Lord and Savior the text is there for you to hear the Gospel and believe.

For those who've experienced the grace of salvation it is there to lead us to fearful worship.


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