Tuesday, June 16, 2009

the unbelievably awesome rbf

It's Round Barn Festival time. And, thanks to my friend, Kira, I get to post some of the most awesome (and I do mean awesome) photos from the parade. Don't scroll too fast, you're gonna wanna savor these babies. (Notice the hillbilly speak.)

Without puttin' it off any longer:

We start with the most important (though not the greatest) part of the parade...the tractors. First the Deeres and then the Farmalls.

You can't have a good RBF parade without a creepy clown (who is a wrestler):

"Wanna be in the parade?" says the Grand Marshall.
"You betcher hound dog I do" you respond.
"Welp, ya gotta have a reason" he tells you.
"Reason...welp, we got ourselves a camo truck and an ATV, that reason 'nough?"
He says "Welcome to the RBF parade."

And now, the countdown to the best float in the history of mankind.

Please, take your time. I promise the number 1 is absolutely worth the wait. I guarantee you've (in the words of John Piper) "never, never, never, never,..never, never, never.....never, never, never, never, never" seen anything like it before. But don't skip down. These others aren't too shabby either.

Number 3, the guy who wanted to sell his truck (seriously, that was his his reason):

Ever seen a man on a toilet?
Ever seen a man on a toilet in a parade?
Ever seen a man on a toilet on a float that says "When your vehicle takes a dump call Wilson's"? (By the way, Wilson's is where I get all my auto-body work done.)

And, the number one, absolute, without a doubt best float that has ever graced the world. From the girl scout float (no other words needed):

There is no way that you can beat a bear hanging by a noose in a tent on a girl scout float. No way.


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