Thursday, June 25, 2009

my latest with wildlife

It seems that those crazy critters that roam around Rochester have made it their goal to hit me these last few weeks. And so, true to form, on my way back from Chicago one of the big guys decided to take a shot at my trusty Ford.

I got to spend last Friday night and Saturday hanging out in Chicago for my good friends' wedding. (Congrats Nate and Emily!) Well, due to peer pressure (and because I like to hang out) I stayed in Chicago until about midnight. That means that I would be getting home to Rochester at about 4am Indiana time...I lost an hour coming home.

I stopped off near Valpo to catch a quick 20 minute nap because I was really struggling to stay awake. Then, I decided to grab a snack a little while later because it helps me stay awake.

At this point I've been up for about 18 hours, which we all know is like driving drunk. Or maybe only I know that because I research sleep to sell beds. Maybe.

I'm really struggling about 10 miles from home but I'm so close that I decide to push through. At about the 4 mile mark I pass a deer and say a quick "Please, don't let me hit a deer" prayer. Apparantly, God really wanted the opposite.

I remember passing Olson Road and then I remember waking up (about 100 yards down the highway) to a thud and the hoof of a huge (and I do mean huge) deer smacking my windshield.

Ordinarily people snap to alertness and start to freak-out when these things happen. Not me. I woke up, thought "I just hit a deer going 55mph" and then I drove home. I didn't even hit the brakes.

The next morning I found that my trusty Ford had suffered only a busted grill. Thank God that it wasn't worse. Here's a pick of the damage and a video of the Turdy Point Buck that I hit.

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