Friday, June 26, 2009

links of the week

Sorry I missed last week, I was so stoked about the wedding I went to that I forgot. My apologies.

Free stuff: It must be the week for kids stuff: Challies is giving away homeschooling curriculum, Tony Kummer is having a giveaway of Children Desiring God curriculum and stickies, Z is giving away Bruce Ware's new systematic theology for kids.

Also up for grabs is an autographed copy of How to Argue Like Jesus.(HT: Crossway) and a fiction book by Randy Alcorn.

You can also still sign up for a chance to win Bibleworks from or Jared's new book.

Thought provoking things:

John Piper on TV and movies.

Kevin DeYoung and
James MacDonald on why they love the Bible.

Pyro post on prayer.

An article on sharing the Gospel.

After all those heavy articles, here are some things to cool off your brain:

My sister posts some pictures that prove my nephew, Josiah, is awesome.

And, the scariest thing you'll read all week.

Now for some youtube:

The Princess Bride proves Calvinism (HT: Andy)

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