Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Quote of the day:
"I ask people in member interviews, "Tell me about your relationship with unbelievers." And almost constantly, I hear, "I don't necessarily try to preach the gospel all the time. I just want my life to be my testimony. I just want to share my life with people." You know what, y'all? Our lives are a mess! And when we share our lives with people--without sharing the grace of God that rescues us--we're not doing anybody any good. We're not!" - Mike Cosper (HT: Rachel)
Free book here

Abortion double-talk

Sometimes I have a big head and tiny arms

Sin boldy but beware the downward spiral

Homeschooled kids are smarter than me and you (you and me? you and I? us? we all?)

Happy Remonstrance

Stop with the medicine already

Something you should buy for me


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