Thursday, January 14, 2010

my apologies

It's strange how a person can get so busy with "work" at work that they have no time to blog...not one bit.

I'm still really busy at the store, but I thought I'd drop a note out on some things I've been pondering.

1. The unbelievable good grace of God in providing communities of believers to enrich the soul. The church I've started attending, Christ's Covenant, has been a much welcomed delight and I'm excited about getting more involved there. I'd heard about it through a few friends and have been stoked about the Christ-exalting nature of the pastors and people.

2. The dynamics of poverty, specifically how lifting someone out of poverty affects their relationships. (This was brought on by a book called My Beautiful Idol, which you should pick up if you get the chance.) How turning someone out of the system is much more difficult than we realize because of those relationships and how, without the grace of God through Christ, it creates a poorer poor and a richer rich and makes the gap increasingly wider between the two.

3. The pleasure of a simpler life. I've been without internet or TV for awhile now, and since my sister moved out last month I've had quite a bit more time to do...something? nothing? I've chosen to read both books and Scripture and to write. It has been much more enjoyable than flipping on the tube...but it took some getting used to. I recommend it.

That's it for now,


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