Sunday, February 3, 2008

i know

I know. It has been a couple of weeks with nothing from my end of the table. I apologize. Here are my excuses:
1. I'm lazy
2. I'm crazy busy
3. I'm moving
4. I'm more devoted to real life ministry to friends and youth and family than to blogging. And those areas have really taken over.

So, because I have left you with nothing for 2 weeks, I'm not going to post anything deep or inspiring. Instead, I will leave you with some pictures.

Here, in their basic order of appearance, are my looks since 2005 (the goatee is first...and i think it should be brought back). The last one is me after getting my "Extreme Makeover" for a youth fundraiser. Which one do you like?


rachel said...

goatee .... that's always my vote.

the full beard is a bit too much.

and the makeover pic doesn't really show what you look like .... i wonder if you have a bias???? hahahah :D

Kara Steele said...

I like the well maintained/ manicured beard in the cowboy hat picture AND the clean shaven face with super good haircut in the last one. Your face is probably freezing now, but the look is very handsome!!!

Matt said...

haha, oh the crazy beards...