Saturday, February 16, 2008

life in rochester

My life is almost back into a rhythm. It seems like every time I get things going, then something comes along and messes everything up.

Lessons learned:
1. God isn't so dependent on me that if I shoudl die, His purpose would stop.
2. At the same time, while I am alive I should seek to be used by God for any and all purposes that He has for me.
3. Weddings and funerals freak me out.
4. Disorganization is a killer.
5. Prayer keeps me joyful.
6. Scripture makes me happy.
7. Fellowship gives me peace.

Starting Sunday night I'll be blogging again. Be ready. I've got ideas.


ps. I'm growing the beard back. I shaved for about a week...and now I have to trim everything so that it looks decent.

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