Sunday, February 24, 2008


Last week after Senior High youth group I told the kids that starting this Sunday we would be spending time in prayer for a nation or people after the regular meeting.

Tonight, we spent some time hearing about Kosovo from one of the guys in the group and then I cast some vision to them about the unreached people of the world. My lesson for the night was the majority of Romans 9 and the lead-in to Romans 10 and that our duty is to faithfully and joyfully preach the Gospel so that God will redeem His people.

We are taking the vision of John Piper and calling everyone to be a "Goer or a Sender." Tonight we began the first step in sending: getting a heart for the unreached of the world.

So, perhaps you should spend some time in prayer for the Serbs and Bosnians and Albanians involved in the recent declaration that Kosovo is independent. Be in prayer for the political unrest, but most importantly be in prayer for people to faithfully declare the great goodness of the Gospel to the folks over there. Feel with Paul the anguish of knowing that there are countless perishing without a saving faith in Jesus and pray for the people that God would be gracious and move withing in them and provoke them to believe and call on His name.



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