Wednesday, February 20, 2008

the new kid

Well, it's official. My brother and his wife just had the first grandkid in the family. Josiah Benjamin Helt was born just 1 day ago at about 4:30pm. He's already talking and had this to say:

"Uncle Joe is easily the coolest and best person that has held me."

I know that today was supposed to be a deep theology day according to my new plan, but hey...there's a new kid in the family and he deserves some airtime. So here are a few pics of Josiah.

The second picture was the face he made when he saw maybe that earlier comment was a bit on the false side.
So, keep my sister-in-law and my brother and their new kid in your prayers and be thinking of your new birth in Christ. Although none of us were as cute as this kid, we were all infants at one point.



Amy said...

obviously he was crying because i am not there...

Lauren said...

haha i like what he had to say about you...