Tuesday, October 13, 2009


This past Sunday I mentioned a book about depression that I have found immensely helpful.

If you struggle with depression (or are bipolar like myself) then you should grab a copy. Order it online. Nobody'll know you bought it.

And, almost as important, for those of you who know someone who struggles with depression, this book would be extremely helpful for you. The first three chapters alone are enough to warrant you buying the book. Dr. Welch's description of depression and his understanding of the mind will help you see your grieved friend in a much more helpful manner.

The book is called Depression: A Stubborn Darkness. It's by Edward Welch and you can pick up copies for about $10. It is definitely worth your investment.

And, if any of you do struggle with the darkness of depression, feel free to get ahold of me. Email: joehelt {at} gmail [dot] com


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