Friday, October 2, 2009

we have another winner (and some links)

Sorry I didn't get the review of City Signals up this week. The good news is that I only have two more trips and then I'll be back to my regular schedule.

And the winner is: Albert (AJ) Tsai - the infamous Pie Guy.

Here are some other places you can get free stuff this week:
A book on starting an adoption ministry at your church
Challies'll have something cool

Is sex education a good idea? (Really, a post about teaching moralism.)

My friend, Kelly, is in Bolivia learning the language and teaching folks about Jesus. You should pray for her and the people she's ministering to.

The coolest thing you will ever do with a fungus.

Are you saying what you mean?

And here's a sampling of Mark Talbot's thoughts on Calvin and suffering:


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