Wednesday, November 18, 2009

racial speciation?

Let me start by telling you that I'm not a scientist and make no claims about knowing how to "classify" species, but I take issue with the way it is apparently done.

I was point to an article this morning that stated a new species had been born in the famous Galapagos Islands, amongst the very finches that spawned Darwin's famous theory of evolution.

And, I have to tell you, I don't buy it. Now, scientifically it may very well be a separate species, but racially it is not. Right near the end of the article this statement is made "The birds might even return to the fold of their parent species, and merge with them through interbreeding." That means that they can still breed with their "former" species. Which, in my mind, means that it's no new species at all.

Think of it in human terms. For simplicity sake, let me compare the aboriginal African and myself.

They are very, very dark skinned. Nearly black. I am quite pale.
They have wide noses. Mine (although wider than some) is narrow.
They most likely have black eyes. I have blue.

And then, culturally, we are very different. Their idea of beauty is probably not my idea of beauty. Their ideas of ethics are probably different than mine. Their idea of what is good for a man to do is probably different than mine.

So, if I were to move to some remote country in Africa, the odds of me "singing their song," as it were, would be quite impossible. I'd probably not end up with a wife because of SOCIAL and VISIBLE differences (whether good or bad) would mean that I probably would not marry.

Let's say, though, that one of the ladies and I somehow end up married, and that 3 or 4 generations later all that is left of us is our great-great-great grandkids. And they marry. And they are much paler in skin, they have lighter eyes and skinny noses. Let's say I taught my children well the Biblical truth and that they are markedly different socially than the rest of the tribe because they are they only Christians.

Are they a new species?

Of course not. They are just as human as the original African and myself. They may be socially and visibly different than everything around them and still not be a separate species.

So, I don't buy it, Darwinists. No new species has been made. That is racial speciation and it will do nothing but harm our ideas of what defines humanity.


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