Wednesday, November 11, 2009

take it easy

Taking it easy in evangelism is the theme of the times.

Slow down, develop a solid friendship so that you can open up lines of true communication.

Ease off the judgmental language of saying that someone is guilty before God.

Hell is too harsh to put into a friendly conversation.

Just talk about purpose and how God has one for you and He just loves you so much.

That's all evangelism is, right? Talking about God's love and his purpose for you?

Sorry to bust your bubble, but evangelism is much more robust than that and must necessarily have elements of God's holiness, his judgment, one's guilt, Jesus sacrifice on our behalf and his resurrection. It must also have words like repent, believe, turn away, follow and the like. It must.

You've gotta work on consistently turning conversations to the majesty of God through the love of Christ. And then, when you get into a conversation with someone who does not believe the Gospel it will be a natural outflow of conversation and not a forced evangelistic talk. You'll evangelize simply by talking normally if you work at seasoning ALL of your conversations this way.

So, don't take it easy. Work at making your speech salty because even the sweetest cake needs salt to make it taste right.


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