Friday, November 6, 2009

the yankees? really?

I don't like the Yankees. Go Cubs!

And now on to more important matters.

Freebies of the week(ish):
50 chances to win at Challies
Win a Paul Washer book from Christian Book Notes
Unpacking Forgiveness is still available
Still a chance to win an ESV Study Bible

Some things to read and consider:

Prayer is Christian humility

Abortion: new healthcare plan includes it (even Planned Parenthood thinks so), The View can't decide if it is ok or not, and a former Planned Parenthood director resigns

Striving to be inadequate

The 130 million dollar church

We should simplify but never balance

To build or not to build

Help somebody this week

Fantastic deals on Piper's books for Christmas *hint*hint*

It's the International Day of Prayer on Sunday:
(HT: Persecution Blog)


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