Friday, January 4, 2008


I just read a friend of mine's blog (ok, so...friend is a stretch. He's more of a facebook acquaintance) and feel conviction deep down. I'd suggest we all read this post and take to heart the words our brother is speaking.

You will probably need a facebook account to read the post, so if you can't see it, just let me know and I'll forward it to you. If you decide not to read...just try to deal with this quote:

I have a dare for you. Take your television and put it in a closet. Don’t open that closet for a month (and you’re not allowed to stay in the closet with it!). Too difficult?

Ok, take your Bible and put it in a closet for a month. Don’t open that closet for a month. For one month, don’t read a word of Scripture.
Which of those would you find easier to bear?

May God break down our heart barriers and make us holy.


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rachel said...

first of all: acquaintance is how it's spelled ;)

second of all: daaaaang. i just read the whole post, and dang. i am seriously seriously convicted. i've always known it. i've always had this sneaking suspicion. and now i can't avoid it ....

so who is this guy?