Thursday, January 3, 2008

last Sunday

It has been an incredibly fast few days because of everything that has happened and me, being the emotional person I am, getting freaked out about deadlines and things that I need to do. I hate it when I let the world's worries bother me.

But, indeed they do. And so, I have resolved (in line with the esteemed Johnathan Edwards) to never let the worries of the world snuff out my life in Christ.

I have also resolved that I will live each day in the knowledge that I am a wretch who by myself have nothing but in Christ I have every true and perfect gift and in Him I have a righteousness that knows no bounds.

Read 1 Peter 2. I preached on the first 10 verses on Sunday and the message did much to prick my own heart. Oh how magnificent the grace and mercy of Christ. "Once [I] had not received mercy, but now [I] have received mercy."

Peace with you.


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