Tuesday, January 15, 2008

new house

Well, I am finally out of the house again. 4 months home was just a little to crazy to bear. Not that I don't love my folks and my little sister, but man...I've been gone for 5 years and I've got some habits (like late nights and not very much tv and guitarring) that don't jive very well.

So, I'm cleaning up the new place because it is a bit dirty and smoke-laden. Thankfully it is small, so it won't take much.

After this weekend I'm going to be posting for a few days on the "problem of pain" as it has been called. My brother has urged me to do so in light of several heart-wrenching events here in the county. Several young children have died in the past week. It is difficult to think about.

I hope ya'll are well and good. Be sure to visit my sister's blog and leave a comment.


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Amy said...

what??? where did you move to???