Thursday, January 10, 2008

sunday school

Well, it will be week two of teaching a new Sunday School class (which, I recently thought, is the only Sunday School class I've ever taught.) We're studying the book of Colossians and made it through v. 14 on Sunday. I stressed the order that Paul states things, that he prays for their knowledge and strength so that they can do things pleasing to God. Without the desire and the power given by God, then we are unable to please Him. Oh, how glorious the ways of grace.

This week we'll probably be stuck in v.15-25. The supremacy of Christ in all things, his sovereign rule and his creation of all things and how we are saved through faith in his atoning sacrifice.

May the Gospel become more precious to you than it was yesterday and may it continue to build as the Holy Spirit convicts and teaches you in all things.


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