Sunday, March 23, 2008

the big day

So, I've missed a few days of life. If you have the flu, get the flu, or know someone who has then you know why. Man, what a couple of sucky days.

But, I did manage to make it to church (although nowhere near full health) to celebrate the great day of Easter. (Pagan references aside, it does have a good ring to it.)

Today is the greatest holiday that the church celebrates. The "first day of the week" he was NOT found in the tomb but was alive. In a new body. What a crazy day that must have been for the early disciples. To really, really get it. To go "ok, I'm not crazy. This dude was dead, now he's alive. Which means: Jesus is God. Jesus is the Messiah. Salvation belongs to all who believe."

And with that in mind they went on a wild torrent all around the known world talking and telling of this grand miracle for the ages. They couldn't stop talking about it. They talked so much that people got angry and tried to kill them. But they kept talking and telling of the good news of the resurrection and what it meant for all who would believe it.

Today, it seems that we have lost some of that fervor. Oh Lord, grant that we would be as passionate about spreading the Gospel as those early disciples were when they first realized the greatness of the news of your resurrection.


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