Tuesday, March 25, 2008

what the flu taught me about the Gospel

I had the flu. It sucked.

But today was great. I was able to eat and work and play and laugh and think and pray and read without getting sick or feeling weak. It was awesome. I felt alive again.

And then it hit me. What kept me going through the flu? It was the hope that in a little while I would be better and able to do all things again.

How much greater a hope is put before us in the Gospel?! We spend this life toiling in the weak, crappy, self-righteous flesh. We are never able to be free of it, it is like we are continually sick. And then, the great day of our death or the Lord's return when finally the sickness will end and we'll be free from this wretched awful body.

What a glorious, freeing, rejuvenating thought. May it keep me (and you) going from now until the day we meet Christ face to face.


1 comment:

rachel said...

great. i mean, i'm glad for you, but i feel like a total bum. i had the flu, it knocked me OOUUUTT, and i didn't learn a single thing. i just laid in bed for a few days.

me? bum.

you? over-achieving theologian.

hahah :D