Sunday, March 2, 2008

the flavor of God

Tonight at senior high youth group I tasted the goodness of God...and it was sweet.

The lesson was Romans 10. I walked the group through much of the early exodus, the 40 years, a few kings and finally to the time of Christ. Israel, because of their ridiculous human nature, missed Jesus because they forgot God. Now, to the praise of His great grace, those outside of the Jews are opened up to the good news of Christ.

That is sweet. That is grace. That is the sovereign God loving a people not His own for the sake of His glory.

It amazes me as I read about Israel how they could forget God in the desert. They had (and I have to yell this) A PILLAR OF CLOUD BY DAY AND A BLAZING PILLAR OF FIRE BY NIGHT. AND THEY FORGOT THAT GOD COULD DO ALL THINGS.

If I didn't see the same idiocy and hypocrisy in my own life, I wouldn't believe that it would be possible to forget God when He blatantly shows himself. But, just like those stubborn Israelites I forget God even though (to quote Piper) the blazing center of the glory of God sits daily before us. Jesus death on the cross is always there...and I miss it. All the time I miss it.

Oh, Father...grant that we might not forget the grace bestowed to us through your sovereign love. If it were up to us, we'd forget you in a heartbeat. Thankfully, you love us and you won't let us run away.


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