Friday, March 7, 2008

the end

As I have been studying 1 Thessalonians this week in preparation for Sunday School, I have been struck by how much Paul references the coming of Christ. Four out of the five chapters mention the idea. Chapters 4 and 5 are almost explicitly dealing with the idea.

Now, to be clear, it can negatively affect your life to live completely in the future; waiting for Christ to return and not living for him here and now. However, I think I fail in the other aspect.

I think to little of the great coming of Jesus. We are to encourage one another with the thought. And so, I encourage you to look to the great coming of Christ that will be the end of the age and the beginning of life in the presence of God for many. It is a great thing. It will happen. He is coming and his coming will be magnificent.

Brothers, God has destined us for salvation. Be reassured and invigorated to live righteous and holy lives because one day we will obtain an inheritance so great that we can scarcely conceive it.



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