Sunday, March 30, 2008

sunday is a day for baptisms

Last Friday (maybe?) I told you that there were going to be baptisms today. And there were. Five of them. Sweet meat. I love baptisms. It is the Gospel in the simplest visual form: death, burial and resurrection all in one movement.

And, as I said, my little sister got baptized. Double bonus. As she would say, she "loves Jesus a whole lot," or more simply she'd scream "I LOVE JESUS" in a crazy tone. That was first catch phrase with the youth group. I'd ask, "Do you love Jesus?" whenever they'd do something crazy. Fun times.

Baptisms are a sign that the church is doing one of the greatest things, preaching the Gospel. So, hallelujah, we are at least getting it down. Now, if only we'd become reformed in theology....

Enjoy the day and rejoice because, truly, God is the Gospel.


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