Wednesday, September 16, 2009

greater than angels

There was apparently an issue with angels back in New Testament times. Paul mentions angel worship in Colossians and the writer of Hebrews seems to be hinting that others are guilty as well.

So, it's probably something worth thinking about. Why would people worship angels?

Well, let's look at some descriptions of these creatures:

Isaiah 6: Seraphim (which loosely basically translates to "flaming ones" in Hebrew) hover in the air and their voice shakes the foundations of the temple of God. Angels made of fire whose voices shake the heavens...that's some serious power.

2 Thessalonians also says that angels are revealed in flaming fire.

Revelation 7 says that four angels hold the wind and the power to severely wreck the earth.

Revelation 8 & 9 give descriptions of the horrible things that the sound of the trumpets of angels will do. They blow their horns and lots of people die. Then the four angels who were held back in chapter 7 kill 1/3 of the people of the earth.

Basically chapter 10-21 lay out some of the most amazing feats in the world...most of them performed by angels.

All this to say: angels are some seriously powerful beings. They are much more powerful than we are. In fact, one of the fallen angels (a demon) beat up 7 men and left them running away naked. (See Acts 19)

So, you could maybe see why there would be a problem with angel worship. They're made of fire, they have voices that shake the heavens and they can wipe out the earth if they want. That's pretty intense.

But here's the reason we shouldn't worship angels: The NAME of Jesus is more powerful than all the angels. We're not talking about Jesus himself, we're talking about the glory of his NAME. His NAME will cause every angel to bow before him.

Now, take that to the next level. If the very NAME of Jesus is more powerful than all the angels ever created...then Jesus himself is so far above angels that he literally defeats them by putting his feet upon them like a footstool.

Jesus kicks back in a reclined position at his throne...and in so doing defeats myriads of demons and Satan himself!

Angels are crazy powerful and made of fire. Their voices shake the foundation of heaven.

Jesus defeats all the fallen ones by relaxing his feet.

Jesus is definitely greater than the angels.


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