Friday, September 4, 2009

we have a winner

Sorry about the lack of Friday links. I'll get it up tomorrow (although Challies free-stuff will be gone by then.)

Winner of the book via = Rachel Bell.

She gets the good Troll book. I promise I'll have a review posted soon.

Is it sad that I was nodding off at 9pm this evening?

Oh, and since my post a few days ago has caused some concern (I promise I haven't delved into the self-deprecating "I'm leaving for Montana" state that I have been known for) I'm going to clarify my intent.

I was really just trying to point out the fact that even though I know I'm saved, I continue to sin. And it's not really the sins themselves that bug me it's that I continue to sin even as a Christian.

My point was that my sin weighs me down. It make me realize that the grace I have received is more precious than I realize. And I think that's good! I think it's good to sit under sin for a time and wonder about the God that saves.

In fact, I think many times we don't spend enough time considering how utterly wretched we are to God.

So, in closing. Thanks for all the emails and Facebook messages. But truly, I am just fine.


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