Tuesday, September 22, 2009

pay attention

Remember how Jesus is greater than angels? Well, according to Hebrews 2, we should probably pay really close attention to this thing called the "Gospel" because if the message declared by angels (the Old Testament law) had severe punishment (death) then certainly ignoring the commands of Jesus would bring even greater punishment (eternal death.)

How can we pay close attention?

First, by reading, studying, meditating and memorizing the Scriptures, which are the verbal testimony of Jesus, the Lord, and the folks who saw him. If we want to pay close attention to something, who better than the source himself and those closest to him?

Second, you should try to love the church which is where God displays himself via supernatural means and the Spiritual Gifts. The writer of Hebrews hits that idea again in chapter 10, but for now let's just realize that the church is the living testimony of the truth of the Gospel. We should be trying to make her as true to that calling as she can be.

So, go read your Bible and serve the church. And pay attention because this Gospel is the most important thing that has ever been told.


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