Monday, September 14, 2009


A few weeks ago I mentioned that you could get an "all you can jet pass" from JetBlue. For $599 you could buy an unlimited flight ticket from September 8th to October 8th.

I, acting on sheer impulse, decided to grab one. And now, I am happily flying all across the country to visit friends. I figured I'd lay down a post for anyone who may wonder where I'll be during the next month but first I'm going to sing a little praise for JetBlue.

First, they are extremely friendly. Always chipper on the phone. Nice at the terminals. Concerned on the plane. Quality folks.

Second, the seats are LEATHER. All of them. And the leg-room is great. Much more room to move around than American, Southwest or Continental.

Third, the snack and drink are FREE. And you can ask for seconds, thirds, fourths...however much you want. And they hand it over with a smile.

Fourth, satellite TV and XM radio for FREE and you can use any headset. You don't have to get a special set from them. Individual TVs in every headrest. Good stuff.

They're definitely the best airline I've flown. The one downside is that they don't fly you're limited in where you can go. But, if they go where you're going, definitely fly with them.

So, here is my itinerary as of today:

Sep 11-12: Austin, TX to see Chad and Jesse. I met them both on the Yellowstone Project in 2005. It was a good trip. Average cost: $395

Sep 18-19: Tampa, FL to see Travis and Sarah. Travis discipled me for a year in college and recently got married and moved to Florida. Average cost: $209

Sep 22-24: Long Beach, CA to see Alex and Sarah. Alex and I went to Butler together and have gotten to be good friends since graduating. They've been married just over a year. Average cost: $329

Sep 25-27: Minneapolis, MN to the Desiring God Conference. Technically I'm not flying with the pass...but I will be out of town.

Oct 2-3: Buffalo, NY to see Ray and Barb. I met Ray on the mission trip to Philadelphia this summer. We'll be seeing the sites and planning a mission trip to Buffalo for this spring. Average cost: $149

Oct 6-7: Orlando, FL to see Steve. Steve is big, bearded and funny. We will laugh a lot. Little else will happen. Average cost: $179

Which means that without flying anywhere else I'm saving $662 with the pass. Not too shabby.

Happy jetting.


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