Thursday, July 23, 2009

agree with satan?

Sounds like a terrible idea.

One of the greatest vices the devil uses against Christians is to make us feel guilty and unworthy of being a Christian. Oftentimes our response is to say back that we aren't that bad. This is deadly.

We must agree with him. We must more than agree with him. We must go beyond that and say that we are completely and totally worthless and have nothing good in ourselves.

Then, (and this is the key to overcoming the depressive state that may come) we must say that this is the reason that Jesus died. He died to save us, the wretched sinners. And of that I rejoice and I no longer count the sin that I do and say to be of any consequence because I am righteous before God because of the Lamb's blood.


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Jessica said...

Hey Joe I'm not sure if you're a Shane and Shane fan but there is a song on their latest CD (or at least I think it's their latest one) "Pages" called "Embrassing Accusations" that deals with this exact idea. It's one of my favorite songs on the CD.