Wednesday, July 8, 2009

fun for friday

Finally, Friday has fallen.

First, for free: Audio book on Money by Randy Alcorn, this is your last week to try to win Bibleworks 8, if you sponsor a child with Compassion you can win a free hat, Crossway has a free book on facebook, Christian Communicators has a free book on baptism (HT: Challies), Challies will also have his weekly free stuff up soon and, though it's not quite free, Ligonier is offering a book on Calvin for a donation of any amount.

Fanciful findings: Kevin DeYoung's version of Pilgrim's Progress...part 1, part 2, part 3

Fundamental faith: Ray Ortlund nails it. Pyro makes it obvious. The A-Team gives evidence. Francis Chan lays it out.

For philosophizing: Jared's post on our true identity is worth thought and there are some really disturbing things happening with abortions.

Funny for you:



p.s. It's John Calvin's birthday!

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