Sunday, July 12, 2009

it's official

I am way too old to stay up really late. I proved it a few weeks ago when I hit a deer at 4am and barely lived to tell and I proved it again this morning when I slept in and missed about 10 minutes of church.

Bad decision number one: deciding at 2am Saturday morning to drive to Indianapolis to rent a car.

Bad decision number two: sleeping for an hour at the airport waiting for the rental agency to open

Bad decision number three: getting home 3:30 this morning

Bad decision number four: deciding at 6:10 (after getting up and moving some clothes to the dryer) to go catch another 1/2 hour of sleep.

Result: Getting woken up by my sister at 7:45 (when I should have been there at 7) and failing to do my job as sound-man at the lake service...thus failing miserably at one of the few parts of my job that people see.

It's official. I can't stay up late all weekend and hope to do a good job on Sunday. So...I'm quitting.

No, not quitting the church. I'm just not going to be staying up like a maniac and trying to do the service on Sunday. Everyone'll either have to have their weddings over by a decent hour or have them during the week.


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