Monday, July 6, 2009

in honduras

I have this friend who is a missionary in Honduras. She is not allowed to talk about the things going on down there because her mission organization said so. I, however, am free to talk about anything I want.

The big problem with everything going on down south in Honduras is that the media and the world are portraying it much different than it actually is. There are a couple of reasons this might be the case:
1. They are misinformed.
2. They are absolute morons.
3. They are diabolical, war-mongering, chaos-driven jerks.

Let's hope for all our sake that they are not the third option.

The truth is that Honduras ousted it's President because he was a nutcase (much like Hugo Chavez, a good friend of his.) He was, by all known means, trying to change the constitution to allow for a dictatorship.

Obviously, the Congress and Supreme Court of Honduras (what? a third-world democracy?) didn't approve. So, when Zelaya attempted to overtake these oppositions by firing a bunch of the folks under him, the Supreme Court ordered his arrest. They didn't want a crazy, power-hungry dude ruling over them.

Since Zelaya being in the country would not be so good, the military escorted him out to Costa Rica and a new President was made by the chain of succession.

At this point the world condemned the democratic government of Honduras for staging a coup and said that they support Zelaya AND Hugo Chavez. The US jumped on the bandwagon and said that the actions taken by the other two branches of the Honduran government were wrong and wouldn't be tolerated.

Outstanding. The world at large (which claims to value democracy) has denounced a fellow democratic country for following legal procedures to remove a President who has overstepped his boundaries and become a threat to their society.

For an enlightening take on the situation from the eyes of a Honduran, go here.

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