Friday, July 17, 2009

Jesus' rabbit hole

Nate Irwin, one of the pastors of College Park Church in Indianapolis, gave a sermon this past Sunday that was powerful. I encourage you to listen to it here.

He begins by recounting part of Alice in Wonderland and then shows us that Jesus, like the rabbit, unveils to us a hole to go down that is completely different than anything we have ever seen before.

Near the beginning of the sermon Nate makes these statements about the standard worldview of many people today:

"We believe we have the do anything that we want...and not to do anything that we don't want. We believe that we're free to love whoever we want and ignore whoever we want as long as we don't do them harm."

He then contrasts that with the worldview (the rabbit hole) that Christ calls us to:

"Jesus says, 'In my world you do not have the right to live, but you have the requirement to die. In my world you do not have the freedom to love, you have the responsibility to love.'"

The requirement to die and the responsibility to love. Powerful.


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