Thursday, December 27, 2007

a definition for life

Spurred on by my friend Rachel, I have thought back on the year and tried to see how often Christ defined my life.

Sadly, it was not often. Too many times it was my sinful self shining through in the wake of trials, joys and agitations. Only when I was at a breaking point did Christ show up...and by then, His reputation had been severely tarnished.

What defines you? What is it that marks your life for others to see? A love of sports? Music? Literature? Work? School? "Maybe, just maybe" (said like Jean Girard) it should be something else.

I've spent a good portion of the evening contemplating my deficiencies and Christ's supremacy. And that, my friends, is our victory. Let us wake every morning and think "I am a horrible, wicked and sinful person. Ah, but Christ, He is righteous, good and holy and I am defined by Him by virtue of His blood."

When we are focused on those things, then Christ is able to shine through. In our weakness, He is strong.


1 comment:

rachel said...

yeah, your post was better than mine :D

but i think that tomorrow i'd like to get up and say that again ... i am a horrible sucky gross wretch of an excuse for a person. yes, but Jesus .... Jesus.

thanks, joe.

ps ... i'm excited that i made it on to the "shared items" page!