Thursday, December 27, 2007

the gospel

These last few days a couple of friends and I have been talking about the importance of preaching the Gospel. Specifically in the context of those who claim to believe in Christ, but there seems to be no evidence of the Spirit in their lives. There may have been times when they seemed to sprout up, but in the end they are without leaves or fruit.

What are we to do? It is such a complex question, especially when family is involved. How do you talk to those who are unsaved in your family? What if you've already explained the Gospel, with no response? Should you continue to proclaim it every time you see them? or should you just live a life worthy of the Lord? When should you talk about it?

I think, many times, our fears of rejection by our family (or close friends) causes us to avoid the Gospel and we become ashamed of the one who saved us. I think that if we have not been bold before with those who don't know in our families, that we must be bold now! And, if then--after hearing the Gospel--they still reject Christ, then we continue to love them. But we must at least step up and declare to them the great mercy of God and the great sinfulness of man.

May we be bold and loving with the good news of Christ. May He grant us wisdom in each situation and may He save those who we love. Oh, Lord, our families. May the call of Paul be on our hearts, that we should be condemned that they may be saved. Have mercy on those we love.


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