Thursday, December 13, 2007


A few days ago I wrote about how it upsets me that people have to think twice about giving to someone in need. Now, in order to clarify a few things (since that post was written in a little bit of anger. ok...a lot of anger).

When someone approaches me (which happened just a week or so ago) and asks something of me, I gladly give if I can. I also do my best to share the good news of Christ with them. It is usually my 30-second Gospel and is usually met with a "Yeah, I believe in God." By this point the person is typically disinterested in what I have to say, so I ask if I can pray for them. To me, this is one of the greatest time of Gospel proclamation because I can thank God for His saving grace in prayer and ask for Him to show the Gospel to be true to that person.

And, since I am talking about giving, I have these thoughts to add. I think that any giving which comes from habit (meaning tithes and gifts to organizations that you do regularly), should go only to the church. That's right. I don't think a Christian should give a dime to any organization that is not evangelistic in nature. That means no Invisible Children, no Bono, no End World Hunger campaign. Nothing, unless it is directly involved with the Gospel and the church.

Some may call me cold-hearted because so many organizations exist to help people who are suffering physical and emotional distress. But, I counter that the good news of Christ is the only way to truly take care of those needs. By giving to a secular organization who cares for their worldly needs we have taken another step in hardening the hearts of non-believers who now think that salvation can come in many forms instead of just one, Jesus Christ.

Also, there are many Church and para-Church organizations that help with the same problems as the secular ones. If the people of the Church would faithfully give to those causes, then we would have many more resources for God to use through us for the spreading of the Gospel.

So, if you are a Christian, increase your charitable the Church.

(A PS before the end. I do think that if you are confronted with a one-time plea for help, like those at stores that ask if you'd like to give $1 to something or other, then we should give. To me, those show the love of Christ to those outside the church. I am only talking, again, of habitual giving, when I say one should only give to the Church.)


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